Well Bella
The exclusive health/beauty magazine for GNC, dedicated to educating, motivating and inspiring women of all ages to reach for the highest vision of themselves through the power of health and beauty.
Real Fighter
The magazine for real fans of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) who want the
latest scoop on
the fascinating heroes – and characters – who fight on the most dramatic stage in the world.
Basic Health Publications
Some of the subjects covered in these books include alternative medicine, diet, fitness, nutrition,
and supplement guides.
Muscle & Body
The fitness magazine geared toward bodybuilders,
high-performance athletes and weekend warriors.
Great Health
The exclusive wellness magazine for CVS/pharmacy that puts you in control of your and your family’s health by giving you all the information you need about preventive care
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Basic Media, established in
1996 and headquartered in
Los Angeles, is a world-class, niche media company dedicated to publishing high-quality custom magazines, books and digital properties in the fields of health, wellness, fitness, sports nutrition and mixed martial arts. Basic Media publishes exclusive custom magazines for some of the world’s largest retail chains, including CVS/pharmacy and General Nutrition Centers (GNC).